Acceptable Usage:

  • BTRC permitted usage is acceptable.
  • A2P, Notification & Alert, Transactional SMS, Information and all positive business/organizational communication practice is accepted.

Restricted Usage:

  • Usage that contradicts with BTRC approved usage.
  • Any SMS that violates DND status.
  • Illegal SMS
  • Goes against Bangladesh Govt. laws and legal provision.
  • Anything that promotes terrorism.
  • Any kinds of personal SMS.
  • Promotional SMS that is not validated by the BTRC. (Template Approval)
  • International A2P SMS

Payment Policy:

  • No refund is available once a payment is made.
  • Payment gateway charge will be payable by the client/payee.
  • No service balance will be refunded by any means.

KYC Verification & Approval:

  • NID is a must to have verified KYC status.
  • Without KYC verification no active services will be entertained.
  • For Limited Company, Certificate of Incorporation & TIN is a must.
  • For any company that deduct VAT at source must submit BIN and verify it at KYC level.


  • All terms can be changed at any time without any prior notice.
  • Terms can be changed according to BTRC regulations anytime.
  • Tech Panacea authority can terminate, suspend any service or account without showing any cause any time.